I mentioned in an earlier post that I love dissecting Philip-Lorca’s lightwork, so I had to give it a try myself.  I brought my digital camera with a long lens, my metz 45-cl, triggers, a shoot through umbrella and a roll of duct tape.  I found a nice busy spot on George Street in the center of Sydney and taped my flash with the umbrella to a tree.  I was a bit nervous to start shooting, but once I started I actually found it hard to stop.  I’m a bit of a wanderer and not used to sitting in one place to shoot, so I really enjoyed the pace.  Funny enough, most people noticed the flash and looked behind them and really didn’t notice me standing there with a camera pointed in their face.  Most of the shot were rubbish, but a few turned out OK.  Would be great with a second flash to create a more surreal studio look.  Here’s one of my favs from the day.

Oh…sorry, I know this doesn’t fit the “traditional” definition of street photography but…you’ll have to excuse me while I have a bit of fun!!!