I really should be writing a letter telling people to stop buying apple products after I’ve been without my computer for the last 3 weeks, but instead I’m promoting photographers using their products.  I shoot film…mostly, and I love it, but I’m not a traditionalist by any means.  Shooting with iphones on the street makes a lot of sense to me, probably in the same way that shooting with a Leica on 35mm film made sense 60 years ago.  Small, light, compact, easy to handle, decent picture quality, and quiet.  Some of the photos I’m seeing people take with these just could be done waving an SLR or dare I even say an M6 in someones face.  So,  I’ll keep shooting film like some kind of old ludite, but I’ll keep enjoying the shots some of these guys are getting.

Here are some of the best: (pointed out to me by Gilles)