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September’s feautured photographer is Richard Payne from Sydney, Australia.

you can view more of Richard’s work here

1. First of all I would like to thank you for taking the time to do this interview. It is exciting for me to interview a fellow Sydney street photographer.  What is it about Sydney that catches your attention and inspires you?

Every suburb of sydney has a different feel to it, different people. One minute you can be in an islamic community, the next in a white australian beach culture the next in an asian community and the list goes on. So there’s lots of different environments and people to photograph.

2.You have started a magazine called The Truth.  What are your goals and aspirations with the magazine?  What do you hope to achieve?

Truth is about creating the magazine. Inspired by daido moriyama, I was looking for a way to turn digital images into something that is real and something you can hold, so I started truth magazine to publish my own photos. It was fun to do this, but I thought it would be more fun to interact with other photographers and publish their photos too. So I started inviting others to publish in truth too. I have no real goals with truth other than to produce the magazines. I’d be quite happy if it stayed at a small readership, if it got bigger I probably wouldnt have the time to do it. When I receieved volume 3 in the post and I got to view these photos (I had only seen on line before) for the first time in print, it was almost like I was viewing them for the first time. You see I collect books and magazines and I will treasure these issues of truth and I just hope that other people will too.

3.  You shoot in a number of different styles and run a commercial photography business on top of your street shooting.  Can you tell us a bit more about how you manage to accomplish all of this.

I’m consumed by photography constantly. I have 3 children, I work as a photojournalist 2/3 days a week, I shoot weddings/portraits on the weekend, I shoot HD video for an insurance company and I shoot personal work when I can. I just like making pictures. I shoot in many different styles, because I look at so many different styles of photography. And depending on how Im feeling and the project Im working on I will adapt to that style of photography that I think will work best.

4. What advice would you give to a young photographer starting his/her career?

Im not young (36) but my career in photography is relatively young (6 years) so Im not sure Im best placed to give this sort of advice. For what its worth I think there are two important factors though and that is to
– look at as much photography, art and life as possible. When I say look , I mean really look at it and understand why you like an image, what makes that image resonate with you. Work out how the images was made and why it was made.
– take as many pictures as possible and always be learning, trying new things. Photography to me is about discovering things. Keep searching for the truth in your images, people will see you through you if its a cliche.

5. Your black and white work is fantastic.  Do you prefer to work in film or digital.  Can you give us some insight into how you work.

My black and white work is mainly film. For about two years I worked on a project called “reflected shards of a city” which was a study of the city of Sydney and the people in it. I think black and white works best with film, its hard to recreate that grainy look with digital and software, though I am attempting to do that now. At the moment the majority of stuff Im working on is digital and colour. I don’t favour either or its just what works best for the shot or the series you are working on at the time.

6. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview.  I’m sure others will enjoy your photos as much as I do.  Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you and good luck with the blog.

August’s feautured photographer is Gilles Saulnier from Paris, France.

Interview with Gilles

1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? For instance, what got you into photography? Your goals with photography?  etc…

Well, my interest in photography began when I was a teenager. My father had an album with a few photos he took by himself that I really loved. and at that time I also discovered some of the fabulous great street photographers, falling on books I couldn’t quit in the library of the area. Then my envy just didn’t stop growing,  I was ready to step out in the streets and see what I could do with a camera!  After a little Black and White report that I published in the french press when I was about 20 years old,  I totally stopped taking photos (in a professional way).  I began to work as a technician shooting film (another one of my passions) and apart from that my main concern became the raising of my family. So, for twenty years I didn’t take photos for myself. But I have to say, that I was still thinking how good it would be to start again… and that’s what I did only a few month ago. I decided to buy a Lomo camera but when I discovered the possibilities of some Iphone apps I finally changed my mind and decided to start taking photos once again, but this time with an Iphone ! I was back in the streets with a brand new camera, and a new way of taking photos. I was really excited.

Goals ? Well… As I explained, I have come back to photography after a long time without taking any photos. At first I just want to enjoy it, to be absorbed in it, surrounded by it …and share it ! There are so many things I would like to do, to try, to see, with an Iphone or not ! I will see in the future where my inspiration is guiding me… On the other hand, I have to say that starting once again, and suddenly, to take photos, brought me inevitably to start a reflection about photography itself… We will see where it leads me too…

2.Your images are thought provoking. Who or what inspires you in photography?

Everything and everybody is a source of inspiration for me. A graphic element, a particular light, a human behavior, an atmosphere, some colours, the weather … and the inspiration is always influenced by the millions of images you’ve seen, influenced by photographers, cinematographers, designers, musics, Tv, a novel, what you eat or drink, … painters also. Everybody can see that my night shots of Paris are most often totally Edward Hopper”ized” ! Well, I tried to quit this addiction, but it always wakes up at night !

3. You have interesting processing techniques. Can you give us some clues to how you work?

Well, I came to Iphone-photograhy because I could take photos yet altered (as a lomo) by the application chosen very easily. The lack of definition of the sensor appeared to me as a challenge to push the creativity, I considered the digital noise, especially in night shots, as pure poetry. Then I discovered all the applications able to post-process the pictures on the phone. So, I use many of them to shoot, or edit.  Mainly : Hipstamatic, CameraBag, Photogene, Tiltshift, PictureShow, PSmobile… Sometimes all of them !   I prefer, on my computer, to use Aperture and Photoshop to be sure I get exactly what I want on the screen. I love post processing, it reminds me of the long and joyfull (sometime painfull) work in the darkroom. I usually do what I was doing there, not more.  For example, …well… maybe just because I am not used to it, I am not found in using textured layouts.  Anyway, I don’t want to refrain the use of any tool, digital or analog. What ever works to achieve your vision is good.

4. Is there a specific theme that runs through your photos? What are you seeking?

I am definitely attracted by the interaction of the human beings in front of their environment, and particulary about our place in the city. I am living in Paris, so here is my theater, where is the set, where should I find the actors … but I would do the same somewhere else. Anywhere. That’s why I love street photography so much.

What I would like, is to give my own vision of that interaction. To allow others through my photos to feel what I felt in front of what I saw. To share.

5. Do you have any interests outside of photography?

My three kids are my biggest interest,  then I paint, I play the guitar, and I actually work hard on writing screenplays …

6. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Yes. I just wanted to thank you for giving me an opportunity to show some of my photos. I am really honored by such a distinction, And I wish all the very best to your newborn blog!

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