One of the great things about the internet is how small it can make the world.  I can sit here at my desk, get a message from a photographer in Ireland about an exhibition covering Iran.  I know this doesn’t seem like such a big deal but when we stop and actually think about it, it is.

This lead me to look at Zadoc Nava’s photos, which are truly inspiring.  I spent two years of my life living in the Middle East.  When I look back at the photos I took during that time most of them remind me of how afraid I was of lifting the camera to my face.

Zadoc’s photos give us a rare glimpse into Iranian culture.  Not photos of war, or bombs, or mass protests.  Everyday photos like the ones we all take.

His Shadowlands exhibition is on in Northern Ireland.  The website can be viewed here.

His personal website can be found here.

Hope you enjoy!!!